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menino de 9 anos se torna maraja


Though the old feudal order has become a thing of the past, the former royalties still like to follow certain traditions like anointment of heads and titular heads of erstwhile princely states.

In line with tradition, the nine-year-old younger prince of Jaipur, Rajkumar Lakshya Raj Singh is now the titular Maharaja of Sirmaur, an erstwhile princely state located in the hills of southern Himachal Pradesh.

At the elegant Nahan Palace, the Raj Tilak (coronation) of the younger prince of Jaipur was held on Wednesday morning reviving the memory of old regal splendour.
The new Maharaja with yesteryears Bollywood actor Dimple Kapadia.

As per the tradition of the family, the Raj Tilak was attended by members of the erstwhile princely states, Tazmi Sirdars, Jagirdars, Thikanedars, businessmen, film stars, politicians and well wishers of the family, said a spokesman of the Jaipur royals. The ceremony took place in front of the Durbar Hall of the palace.

Besides family friends of the Jaipur royal family, Bollywood actress Dimple Kapadia and Sunanda Pushkar also attended the function.

Now known as the Maharaja Lakshya Raj Prakash of Sirmaur, he is the younger son of Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur and Maharaj Narendra Singh and is the maternal grandson of Rajmata Padmani Devi - who is the daughter of the former and last Maharaja of Sirmaur, Rajendra Prakash who passed away in 1964.
The new Maharaja with Sunanda Tharoor.

Since Rajmata Padmini Devi hails from Sirmaur the erstwhile nobles of the area had requested that Lakshya Raj be anointed as the new Maharaja and the head of the Sirmaur family as there is no male heir to the erstwhile State. Padmini Devi had agreed to the request.

On the occasion today, the sword of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, which was with the family of Sirmaur, was also presented by Ajay Bhadur Singh of the Sirmaur family to now Maharaja Lakshya Raj Prakash, as he would now be known.

The story goes that Guru Gobind Singh had taken shelter from the Mughals at Nahan and as a goodwill gesture had presented his personal sword to the then Maharaja Madheni Prakash of Sirmaur before leaving.

List of erstwhile members of royal family who attended the Wednesday's  ceremony   included : Maharani of Jodhpur Hemlata  ; Maharaja of Kapurthala Brig  Sukhjit Singh ; Rani Uma Devi of Patiala; Raja Chandravijay of Sehespur Bilari, Princess Krishna Kumari of Panna; Rajkumar Ratanjit Singh of Kapurthala and Maharaj Kumar Brijraj Singh Maiyar.  Also present were ex-royals of over a dozen former princely states.


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